Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend catch up, and a good night's sleep

This weekend is a catch-up weekend. Things have gotten absolutely out of hand around here!

Laundry is behind.
Bills are behind.
Cleaning is behind.
Bills are behind.
Yardwork is behind.
Bills are behind.
Joy is behind.

Are you noticing one issue that seems to be standing out repeatedly? The paperwork was piling up, I have had a couple of outstanding issues with my insurance company (and I don't mean outstanding in a good way!) and whenever I glanced at my Quicken files and my online banking center things just didn't seem right.

Yesterday I finally tackled the disaster area that is my desk and all of the receipts and bills that go along with it. Things still seemed out of whack. I was so depressed. Have I really been overspending that much? Did I really do that much school shopping? Should I have passed by the rambutan at the store?

I was in the final stages of bill paying, bleary eyed and tired, when I came to the paycheck stub that Pat brings home and dutifully puts in the receipt basket each week. It looked odd. It did not say "not negotiable" on it like the usual direct deposit stubs do.

Holy crap! I yelled, you brought home a check!

Then I found another one in the file drawer that I had missed.
Yikes! I would have found it in a couple of weeks when I reconcile my bank statement to my Quicken files, but let's just say I slept a little better last night than I did the night before.


Reen said...

YIKES!! Been there - done that!!! LAST weekend as a matter of fact! THIS weekend I'm at the office catching up there. Along with a few others....Glad you slept better!!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Good catch on the check!

I am looking at a mountain of paperwork to catch up on, and I really should follow your example and get to some of it. Thanks for the inspiration!