Monday, August 25, 2008

It's good to try new things.

Today the boys and I went to the grocery store.
While I had my back turned, they put something into the grocery cart. They think this is funny. Today I thought it was funny because I purchased what they bought, called it an adventure, and made them eat it.

I don't know how funny they thought that part was.

When I turned to look at my cart there was an alien-type thing in a plasitc container facing me. Actually, It was a group of about ten alien-type things looking at me. the boys were laughing hysterically!
This is a fruit that was grown in Guatemala called Rambutan. The instructions on the package said to remove the hard outer shell. A paring knife sliced through it and it came off pretty easily. These are the shells of four pieces of fruit.
The package said it would taste similar to a grape. These were white inside but they had a rather large pit or seed in the middle. I put the nickle in the picture for size reference.
It was definitely different! Spencer suffered through his complaining all the while. When he was finished he asked for something else for dessert. I said he could have an apple. He took one bite and said that the apple tasted like a piece of fluffy chocolate cake after the Rambutan.
Wow! That's some fruit!

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MizFit said...

lived in guat for a bit and am still amused by the look/appearance of the rambutan!