Monday, August 11, 2008

I am an addict.

Everyone who knows me knows that it is true. I get addicted to the regular things that other people get addicted to, but I also get addicted to other crazy things like scrap booking, computer games, rubber stamping, etc. Let me introduce you to my new friend, facebook.

It started out harmlessly, one friend request, it seemed simple. Before I knew it I was scouring my entire life looking for friends to send requests to.

Then I moved on to Flair. I was pretty darn excited to be so hip and knowledgeable to even know what flair was. What is flair? You are so uncool lucky you are reading this blog! Flair is this killer app item on your page where you collect buttons and put them on your bulletin board. My board is AWESOME! -note I even have Blogger flair!

Then I found out you could create your own flair! How cool is that! Pat had hired and aspiring graphic artist to design a logo set for us a long time ago. (Isn’t he amazing?) Our logo made great flair.

But then something very strange happened, I started to become obsessed! I began to see everyday objects in a whole new light, or should I say... shape! Suddenly, the pizza I was cutting for the kids wasn’t just a pizza, but a perfectly round object that could possibly become the world’s greatest flair!

“QUICK! GET THE CAMERA!” I screamed.

As I hovered over the pizza to get the perfect angle, with my starving children glaring at me, I felt guilty…as I got the perfect shot.

May I present the world’s greatest flair:
Peace o’ pizza.


Chris said...

Too funny. I love the peace of pizza.

PizzaMaster said...

As someone who knows, I can attest to this personality trait. But I can also say that once she gets addicted, Holl figures it out and excels at whatever it is. Once she hits "expert" it will get dropped for the next "big thing"

Melissa said...

LOL. Love the pizza.

I'm new to Facebook and I also find it riveting. Didn't know about the flair thing, though!

Thing I love is the status reports. Checking in briefly and seeing a friend's "___ is having a red wine hangover" just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Michelle Williams said...

Holly, I love it! I didn't know you were such a blogging expert. And I missed the "peace" part of the pizza, that's perfect. Keep creating new flair for us :0)