Sunday, August 16, 2009

Drivers! Start your Engines! or, "My fabulous day".

Most of the time, I present my staid, conservative side to the world. Today, my true colors came shining through thanks to my hubby's company. We went to the company picnic which was held at the Berlin Raceway. For those of you that follow my hubby's blog, please ignore this post and move about your daily business!

Today, we went to the races! It was awesome! Ok, I hate the overuse of that word, but really…

We arrived and "helped set-up" which amounted to 10 minutes of distributing goodies on to the tables. One of the goodies was temporary tattoos. Yes, I have a tattoo of a racecar on my ankle, and I am proud of it!

Once we had finished that, I excused myself and made a beeline for the racetrack. Sorry folks, I wasn't waiting around for this! I took Ian and Spencer with me. "Mom, it's hot." Were the first words out of their mouths.

"Hold on", I told them, "they are having the qualifier rounds. Let me watch a minute." The first pro-stock car enters the track. We watch as they circle around, the flagman swishes the flag around and Ian retorts, "First one on the track, I'm sure they are going to qualify!" The driver zips around a couple of times, the flagman waves a few more different colored flags, and just when we think the whole round is over, the driver goes in to an unexplained skid and smacks the wall. What a way to start the day.

Things just got better. We watched gobs of races, including one that was 50 laps long. We saw lots of car smashes, many fights for the winner's circle, and yes, my throat is sore from cheering on the winners and losers.

What an excellent day!