Monday, July 20, 2009


I was in a car accident on January 12, 2009. You probably already knew that. I just passed the six month mark last week. It is hard to believe it was that long ago!

On January 20th, a handicap parking permit was issued for me. I remembered looking at the date on the tag...July...JULY! No way am I going to need a handicap parking tag in July. By July I will be back to bopping in and out of stores, restaurants, businesses, etc.

It's July. Today the handicap parking permit expired.

While I am not "bopping" anywhere. I do go wherever I want to go. It is amazing to me that I get around well and can continue on after such a trauma. The wheel chair and walker are long gone.

I am blessed to be able to throw that placard away today and not need to request a renewal!

(Although I will miss snagging those close parking spots!)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting my life back, one scoop of dirt at a time.

Do you realize that I thrive on "dirt therapy"? I mean, I really like to dig, and plant and even weed.

Over the past few years our yard has become completely out of control. Too many injuries, too little time. We have also realized that fresh starts are more our style than maintenance. It has to do with our upbringing. Both of us.

This year Pat has developed a passion for taking back the landscaping. Last week he pulled out a bunch of bushes, weeds and other manner of detritus in the yard. We realized the shrubs he pulled out were hand-me-downs! Who ever heard of such a thing! They came from my parents’ house when they re-landscaped ten years ago and they just refused to die. They are gone!

Today the boys and I put in a nice bed of perennials. When Spencer and I were shopping, he was convinced I was buying too many plants. I assured him I had done this before and knew what I was doing.

I am thrilled with the result!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

...but I'm a pink girl!

Last week my boys went camping. All three boys. The big difference is that this camp out is the WEEK LONG excursion. Many asked what I did with myself all week, let's just say I wasn't bored. Life was good!

I knew I needed to wind down my "girl" week with typical "girl stuff" so of course it was movie and toe nail night. Since I planned this earlier in the day, I decided to treat myself to a new color of polish.

I was happy to be watching a great movie (Marley and Me) and having fab toes. I finished the toes and movie and tenderly stepped out into the light of day.

Coral. I had chosen CORAL nail polish! Aren't he only people that wear coral nail polish old ladies and Floridians?

I don't live in Florida.

Oh Crap!