Tuesday, July 7, 2009

...but I'm a pink girl!

Last week my boys went camping. All three boys. The big difference is that this camp out is the WEEK LONG excursion. Many asked what I did with myself all week, let's just say I wasn't bored. Life was good!

I knew I needed to wind down my "girl" week with typical "girl stuff" so of course it was movie and toe nail night. Since I planned this earlier in the day, I decided to treat myself to a new color of polish.

I was happy to be watching a great movie (Marley and Me) and having fab toes. I finished the toes and movie and tenderly stepped out into the light of day.

Coral. I had chosen CORAL nail polish! Aren't he only people that wear coral nail polish old ladies and Floridians?

I don't live in Florida.

Oh Crap!

1 comment:

Reen said...

I'm feeling the same way about the nail polish this week.....NOT the color I thought....oh well....for a week, I can live......