Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting my life back, one scoop of dirt at a time.

Do you realize that I thrive on "dirt therapy"? I mean, I really like to dig, and plant and even weed.

Over the past few years our yard has become completely out of control. Too many injuries, too little time. We have also realized that fresh starts are more our style than maintenance. It has to do with our upbringing. Both of us.

This year Pat has developed a passion for taking back the landscaping. Last week he pulled out a bunch of bushes, weeds and other manner of detritus in the yard. We realized the shrubs he pulled out were hand-me-downs! Who ever heard of such a thing! They came from my parents’ house when they re-landscaped ten years ago and they just refused to die. They are gone!

Today the boys and I put in a nice bed of perennials. When Spencer and I were shopping, he was convinced I was buying too many plants. I assured him I had done this before and knew what I was doing.

I am thrilled with the result!


Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

Can't wait to peek at all your beautiful therapy when I go by next! :)


PizzaMaster said...

I am thrilled with the results too! You rock girl!

Merry said...

Your yard is looking very nice. I'm jealous :)

Kelsi said...

It's amazing how it always looks like there are sooooo many plants, and when you actually put them in they seem to shrink or disappear. I always by 20% more than I think I need - that works out well. The bed looks great!