Friday, August 22, 2008

So long Yahoo!

I have used MyYahoo! as my home page for a really long time. It has been great! I loved the pretty backgrounds that I could choose. I loaded my home page with all sorts of fun little widgets and gadgets and links and well, all sorts of really cool stuff.

The day I really got excited was when I began reading my first blog. Cranky Fitness. It was so cool because whenever The Crab dished out new blog material, I was right there, ready to read, because I got a cute little picture and the first line or so of what she had published. Life was good. Life got even better as I began to read more blogs and could add them to my sweet little home page. I was happy!

Then, (cue sinister music) things got a little strange. I started my own blog and placed it on my home page, but wait...that's not my latest posting. Maybe I need to refresh my page. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Still not my latest post. Maybe it was just my blog. Maybe I set something up wrong and it was all the fault of MY blog. Unfortunately, I realized that nobody's blog was getting updated consistently anymore.

This week I have been migrating all of my web-ly possessions over to iGoogle.

See ya Yahoo, it's been fun, but not that fun.

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