Monday, August 18, 2008

My in-laws are awesome.

Well sort of. They have this great tradition that when one of them is eating at the other’s favorite restaurant, they call from the restaurant and rub it in. We get many phone calls from George’s Pizza in Austin MN. George’s is a family favorite and since none of us live in Austin any longer, it is always a “destination” to stop in and have some of our favorite pizza. This generates many gloating phone calls. The calls usually occur between the siblings, and I am kept out of the fray.

Recently, I was the recipient of a gloating call because one of the brothers was having cheese curds. We can’t get those here in Michigan. For the uninitiated, a cheese curd is a deep fried ball of cheese heaven. You may be thinking, oh I have had fried mozzarella sticks, it’s the same thing. No, it’s not...even...close. Cheese curds are WAY better! I love cheese curds. I didn’t need that call!

Once, many years ago, too many years to remember the number, my husband took me to a fair in Minnesota. “Let’s get some Tom Thumb donuts.” he says. “What’s a Tom Thumb donut?”, I ask. The crowd gasped. Well not really, but he was astounded I had never had one. Another regional item. I have been longing for them ever since. My love for Tom Thumb donuts came up in a phone conversation with one of the siblings recently. I was assured I wouldn’t get a call from some fair in Minnesota. Instead, today I got this package in the mail.

Notice the blurriness of the photo. I think I had the shakes!

Stale, who-knows-how-old, Tom Thumb donuts with instructions to add a couple of teaspoons of water, microwave, and inhale deeply.

What a creep!

How sick do you think I will get if I eat these things?


Chris said...

I recognize the handwriting on the envelope. And it fits the M.O. of a certain brother of mine.

PizzaMaster said...

I have to admit, I am missing them as well. Perhaps it's time for a business trip to St. Paul. I met another Minnesotan at Boy Scouts and he's also missing some of those regional treats. Though he wasn't too keen on SPAM, obviously not from Southern Minnesota.

Reen said...

And we call him the "good brother" because....why?????

Crabby McSlacker said...

Too funny!

But even if the donuts were spotty with mold I'd have a hard time resisting. I'd just hack away the yucky parts, nuke, and inhale.

Then bill bro for the hospital expenses...

Spencer said...

We gloated about rocky's, remember?

Spencer said...