Thursday, August 28, 2008

To burn or not to burn, that is the question.

When I first started my blog my friend recommended that I use Feedburner to burn my blog. After some research and much confusion I signed up for a Feedburner account and away we went.

Shortly after that my blog stopped posting regularly to my Yahoo home page and I got really frustrated! I cancelled my Feedburner setup and went back to just blogging with Blogger. Then of course you know that the problem wasn't with Feedburner, but with my Yahoo home page. Today I went back to using Feedburner. One of the reasons is that I have had a request for email subscriptions which Feedburner offers.

Anyway, enough techno-mumbo-jumbo! In the upper right corner there is now an email subscription link. There is also a link to subscribe in a reader such as Yahoo or Google or whatever you may use!

Email me if you can't get through on the blog and you need further assistance!
hollisterjfinklefart @ yahoo dot com

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