Wednesday, August 20, 2008

pre-cooked veggies?

image courtesy of illiquid

We had corn on the cob for dinner. I set the pot of cooking water out on the porch after dinner so that it could cool and I could water some flowers with the water. Spencer and Ian were cleaning the kitchen when Spencer mysteriously disappeared!

When he came in I asked him where he had been. He matter of factly told me that he had watered the Z-bed with the corn water.

It was still hot!

We all got a laugh out of pre-cooking the veggies while they are still out in the garden!


Melissa said...

But what happened to the Zs??? :-P Are they still alive?

Holly said...

They seem to have survived! The water must have cooled somewhat before he got to it. The flowers are still blooming and I brought in 4 massive zukes today.

Tonight..we bake! (zucchini bread)