Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's go Green!

No this is not a cheer for the Michigan State Spartans or any other team that boasts green as one of their school colors. This is a cheer for one of the projects I worked on this past weekend. One of the items that I wanted to accomplish was to change over to a different computer at my desk. I had one in my workshop in the basement that I had been hoarding away from when I went to school last year. It is loaded with all of my really cool graphics software. I kept wanting to work on my stuff, but don't really like sequestering myself away in the basement. (o.k. I will admit it, sometimes sequestering is awesome!)

When I pulled everything out from my desk, and I do mean everything, I decided to reroute all of the cables as well. I told my husband that we needed to address the "power management" at the desk. This may seem like an odd thing to say to say to a spouse, but if you understand where he works, it makes perfect sense!

He had a brilliant idea. How about you figure which items need to have constant power (i.e router, modem, etc.) and put them on one power source (a.k.a. plugbar) and which items you can turn off at night (i.e. CPU, monitor, printer etc.) and put them on another source that you can shut down when you are not using the computer. This will save electricity.

Hot diggity, it worked and it wasn't even that hard! Now I feel like I am doing even more to help out ole planet Earth.

Next I am moving to the TV area. Surely all of those things don't need power all night long!


PizzaMaster said...

You go! Nice photo too!

Reen said...

You go, girl!!! I've been trying to figure this stuff out myself. Chris is quite the trend setter on the "simplify" gig! :-)