Wednesday, September 10, 2008


One of my favorite bloggers is having a "sevens" challenge today.

Here is my list of seven reasons I am glad I married my husband.

1. He makes me laugh.
2. He supports me in everything I do.
3. He loves our kids.
4. He loves everyone else’s kids.
5. He is a hard worker.
6. He is a man of integrity.
7. He loves God.

Love you sweetie!


EG said...

Hi! I decided it'd be more bloggy to post on your blog than to e-mail you. I didn't do anything special to the zucchini. I'll use it for zucchini bread so I just shredded it and kept all the moisture and froze it in baggies.

SondreLyn said...

What a great hubby!

TERI said...

Thanks for the comment! I have a dumb question. How do you link to a page without the actual address. You know how you put "favorite bloggers" instead of the link address? I wanted to put "Pastor Ryan" instead of www...
Guess I am just starting to figure all this blogging out!

TERI said...

Nevermind! I figured it out!

Holly said...

eg, thanks for the info!

sondrelyn, yes he is. I thank God that He took care of me even when I wasn't seeking Him.

teri, glad you figured it out!

Gina said...

Just beautiful. Lucky guy to have this tribute given to him!