Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not enough hours in the day

I am suffering from two issues right now. First I am crazy busy. My summer commitments are overlapping with my fall commitments and that leaves little free time. Free time for things like washing the kitchen floor. I hate cleaning. Even if I had 24 hours in a row I still wouldn't manage to get the floor clean. Anyway, with being so busy, I haven't had lots of free time to blog and even then, I feel like I don't have anything interesting to say.

Work was kind of touch and go today. The woman of the couple that I wrote the divorce post about called today and said she and her ex were going to come in together to place an additional order. Yea, whatever. Keep me out of your shenanigans!

Then, the girl whose mom has cancer came in and I asked where her mom was. She said she couldn't make it today. Hmm. I finished with her order and 20 minutes later realized that this was not the same girl, but one that looked just like her! Thank God I didn't ask how she was handling chemo this week. That would have freaked her right out!

Fortunately, I seem to have made it through the day without saying anything too embarrassing.


1 comment:

PizzaMaster said...

Sounds like you were a windshield, narrowly avoiding being a bug.