Saturday, October 25, 2008

My solution to depression caused by economic catastrophe:



No hope

Fresh ideas

Someone else has to fix it

Do it yourself

Same old, Same old

New trends

Dow Jones losses

Closet treasures are valuable to Someone!

Crime, politics, business

Home, garden, food

Drones reading a script

Designer wannabes willing to go out on a limb

Stop watching CNN and start watching HGTV.


PizzaMaster said...

That is very cute. This is why you are the "creative" one.
Keep em comin!

Chris said...

I couldn't agree more. Bravo.

The Sprechers said...

Crafty-peeps UNITE!

Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

I'm forwarding this to TONS of friends. :)

Crabby McSlacker said...


We find we've been watching way more HGTV lately. We watch House Hunters International sometimes just in case the election goes the wrong way... but (fingers crossed) it's looking pretty good right now.

PSP CRAZY said...

for if they go out on a limb, only if they get to design and paint it.