Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Logo editing 101

I love my job at the Photography studio. One of the reasons I enjoy it is because I get to do all kinds of fun stuff. We are in the process of launching a new website and I have been having a blast learning how to to make it work and generally playing around with it.

Today I got to edit our existing logo in order to make it work for the website. It needed a little tweaking. I would love to post it on here, but the teaking that was required was to make everything transparent and white so it would show well on the colored background of the webpage.

I will post one version of it that I made with a colored background.

Ooh, Aaah. Isn't it pretty!

Once we get the website up I will ask y'all for technical feedback. Stay tuned! We are almost ready!

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The Sprechers said...

Ooooooh...pretty colors!