Friday, December 19, 2008

Resolutions, Already? Part 2

Yesterday, I posted an introspective regarding Veronica.

Today, here’s the humorous part.

Standing in front of her casket, I was talking with a friend, telling how I had seen Veronica raking leaves in her front yard the day before she died. I was inquiring as to the details of her passing. (Reminder: sudden death, me in front of casket) I was told that in the evening she and her husband had gone to a Halloween party of which her costume was the most hilarious in attendance. When they got home, since the children were being cared for at a grandparent’s home, she decided to shampoo the carpets. *note my disgust for cleaning.* Shortly thereafter, her heart stops and she dies.

I blurt, “Well, that just shows that cleaning will kill you!” Immediately, my hand smacks over my mouth in horror. The friend tells me not to worry, Veronica would have thought it was hilarious. I sure hope so!

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