Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Best purchase EVER!

This was one of my better purchases. It's a hat and glove tree. I saw it in a catalog and "just had to have it!" It sits right at my front door near the heater vent. Everything gets dry quickly. The nice thing is that it is so convenient that the boys just walk in and load it up. It has had LOTS of use this year as we are at record snow fall levels.

Besides, it goes with my Christmas "tree-scape"!


Crabby McSlacker said...

That looks really handy!

Oh, and just catching up (been away from the computer a few days) I was reading your posts about Veronica. Love the observation about listening to others! (And the cleaning thing was pretty funny.) Sorry to hear though, she sounds like she was a wonderful person.

Katie Folkert Keech said...

We got a glove and boot rack, kind of what you have for a wedding gift! we can fit lots of gloves/mittens and 4 pairs of boots! It is a wonderful thing!

MizFit said...


im the hat queen...gloves? notsomuch.