Friday, November 21, 2008

My saucy day.

Today I spent my daytime with my home girl Cheryl. We swore we were not going to spend the entire day together errand-running and shopping, but there we were, minutes before the school bus was to arrive to deposit our precious children, still chatting. (At this point I must mention that when I came inside and looked at my clock instead of Cheryl's minivan clock I realized we weren't cutting it as close as I thought.)

Cheryl and I have a history of solving the world's problems- if only they would take our advice.

There was, in fact, one problem that was not solved today, and that is the problem of my iPod.

My iPod has been misbehaving and I just kept hoping it would go away. Today I found out that it probably won't. Last time I looked in to this I was at the Mall of America with them. We visited an Apple store. No luck. Today I visited an Apple store in my home town. I tried the recommended fixes, no luck. I need to schedule an appointment with a "Genius". I hope this will prove fruitful. (Apple=fruit=fruitful, get it?)

Applesauce, anyone?

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Crabby McSlacker said...

I have a love/hate relationship with my iPod and keep swearing I'm going to switch to another brand of player--but recently bought a new one because I didn't want to lose my songs. Anyway, good luck getting tunes back in your life!