Friday, November 14, 2008

Fear sucks.

I came to the realization recently that I am living with some fear. Fear of the yard. Since I fell and injured my knee after cutting the grass 1½ years ago I have been avoiding the yard. Like the plague. My yard looks terrible because of it. I have always LOVED to be outside and playing around in the dirt. Now, not so much. I thought it was just because the mess that had become my landscape was overwhelming to me. I finally figured out that deep down I am afraid. Afraid of getting hurt again.

I knew I just needed to get back out there. We were planning on doing yard work tomorrow, but now they are calling for snow.

Undaunted, I headed outside and grabbed a rake. The city confirmed that the vacuum truck will be by later today.

Unfortunately, it has been so long that I forgot you are supposed to wear gloves while raking! Ouch!

I wish I could get the city to use that vacuum truck on my house!

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Anonymous said...

Good Job Holly! Remember "there is nothing to fear EXCEPT fear itself!"(It has taken me a lifetime to understand that quote!)Cindy