Friday, March 13, 2009


This week has surely lasted more than seven days. Pat and I have experienced overwhelming weeks, but we managed to survive. Tonight we had a bit of normalcy. We had a late dinner, unplanned of course. Spencer has been wanting to make cannelloni from a recipe that he found in my recipe book from long ago. We decided tonight was the night! Dinner turned out great and after dinner we watched the movie Wall-E. We were all enamored with it. We decided it would be something worth a second viewing because there were many details we thought we probably missed.

Congratulations. We made it to the weekend!

By the way, I am out and about these days. Did you see the stock market this week? Told ya so!

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green mom for Jesus said...

Hey there.

I just wanted to say how FABULOUS you look and how GREAT it was to see you walking around at Meijer yesterday after all you've been through. Praise JESUS!