Friday, March 20, 2009

Cooking class

I am scheduled to take a cooking class on Saturday morning. I am elated! It is one more step toward normalcy, and I have enjoyed the previous classes I have taken. This class is on eggs, crème brulee, and quiche. I am excited. Pat isn't as excited as I am. He always thinks that until I start using the information that I learned and make him something fabulous to eat. I have never been too excited about crème brulee. It will be interesting to see how that part goes.

Stay tuned for some egg-citing updates! (Hey, I made it until the last sentence before I threw the egg pun in there. What did you eggs-pect?)


The Sprechers said...

Oh yummmmmo, I love creme brulee!

PizzaMaster said...

Not excited due to the facts; a) real men don't eat quiche, b) creme brulee has so much dairy in it I'd need a lactaid truck to eai it without fear.
On the other hand, I'm thrilled because the boys and I are headed out and it's best if she has stuff to do while we do our scouting stuff.

Fran said...

Holly! Thank you for praying for my daughter! I'm so glad that you are recovering well and I will keep praying for you. You are awesome!

Kelly the Kitchen Kop said...

I wanted to go to this and couldn't make it, please post and let us know what you thought!

(Did he use ultra-pasteurized cream? Because if he did, it's good that I couldn't go!)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oh my goodness, I have such a weakness for creme brulee! (I love it thin and wide, to optimize the ratio of crunch top to creamy bottom).

Also, it's good to hear that things are getting more and more back to normal! What a strain it must be to have to cope with recuperation for so long.