Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mind over matter?

Recently I saw that Yahoo offered a module that you could put on your home page that would allow you to set a weight loss goal and track your progress. Considering the fact that I am a visual learner AND a geek, I thought this would be worth a try, so I loaded it on my page.

Then, yesterday Spencer and I set out to go on a bike ride. We decided to go slow, but steady around the block. He wanted to go downtown to Rockford, but it is difficult to bike down and back because it is very hilly. Well, hill. One hill down and one hill up. You’d better have good brakes on your bike to get down the hill safely, and more than likely you will be walking that bike back up the hill. I really like walking it, but biking it really isn’t much fun for me.

Did I mention Spencer and I are rather out of shape? We managed to get around our block and then went out again to return a book to one of our neighbors. We were exhausted. Spencer and I made an agreement that we would practice every morning on the stationary bike to get us ready for better bike rides out and about.

Finally, today I was reading one of my favorite blogs and the topic was food and exercise journaling.

So why does it work out this way? In a matter of one week I have had three different aspects of weight loss hit me square in the face. Does this happen randomly? Am I looking for these things? Is my mind trying to affect my body?

Does this happen to you where you find you are bombarded by a specific topic everywhere you turn and you find yourself wondering why?

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PizzaMaster said...

But of course! Whenever we have an issue that is causing us to think a lot about it's resolution, we will notice that same thing more often than normal. Why? Because we are more aware and thus tuned in. Once we've gotten past the newness, our receptors go back to normal and we require a 2X4 to get our attention again.