Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It's a beautiful day. I should be outside. Instead, I decided to start a blog today.

Last night I spent about 5 hours working on "debricking" Ian's mp3 player. Pat got an iPod so Ian benefited from the trickle down electronics effect. The mp3 player lasted less than a week before it broke. Coincidence? You decide.

After scouring the manufacturer's website for help, I finally discovered the users forums. This is where the real geeks stuff happens. Unfortunately, I kept performing searches on what I "thought" my issue was. Things like locked up, won't start, who would have thought that they would refer to that tiny mp3 player as a BRICK! Of course now it all makes sense to me but I didn't realize at the beginning that I was taking on a debricking operation. The great news is that I got it working again.

Well, I am off to my next assignment. My girlfriend just called and told me the much anticipated DSL router just arrived. Just another day in geekdom!


PizzaMaster said...

Way to go! I support your geekiness in all it's permutations.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Welcome to blogland! And watch out, it's VERY addictive.

"De-bricking???" Who knew. But then I am barely on speaking terms with my iPod. I need to dive into those help forums myself, but... yikes!